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What’s a Poker Run?

How about adding even more adrenaline to a poker game?

Poker runs are racing events. In those races, players must pass by certain checkpoints to draw their cards.

Crossing the line first isn’t the primary goal of this fun competition, as the best hand wins the round. Typically, those competitions use motorcycles, cars, boats, snowmobiles and even horses. Stay with us and find out more.

Bad Luck Bites the Dust

Regardless of the racing park, the combinations follow standard rules. Five or seven checkpoints are distributed along the itinerary, depending on the rules. Each checkpoint hands racers one card.

A high hand is more important than being fast. So, the game has space for camaraderie and competition. The largest recorded event made it to the Guinness Book in 2009. In this event, 2,136 motorcyclists ran in support of the Fallen Firefighter Survivors Foundation (FFSF).

Indeed, this event is excellent as a means of raising funds and awareness for a cause. The poker run’s community keeps growing, with thousands of fans in the United States, Canada, and the UK. Poker and racing fans will also find plenty of exciting options at NetBet.

Boat Poker Runs

Boat poker runs based on the motorcycle version of the game, where players get a card at each stop. In this case, stops mainly include docks and islands.

The Butler Chain Poker Run became a traditional event in Texas. Competitors must purchase a $20 wristband to join the event. The itinerary includes stopping at four docks and Bird Island.

Here, the poker rules were adapted to add even more friendliness to the competition. There are awards for the first, second, and third best hands. Additionally, there’s a prize for the worst hand. The event raises funds for the One Heart Women and Children.

The competition can also use kayaks instead of motorized boats.

In Canada, a Paddle Poker Run will take place this month. The event is scheduled for September 18 and will have two possible routes.

One that goes from Browns Bay to Chimney Island, designed for less experienced players. A more challenging itinerary ends at Mallorytown Landing. The Paddle Poker Run welcomes kayakers of all levels of ages and capabilities. This event aims to make more people join outdoor activities and enjoy the St. Lawrence River.

Events in the UK

There are a few poker runs going on in the Rainy Island, mainly involving motorcycles. One of the most traditional runs happens yearly in Hampshire at the Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum. The itinerary explores the impressive architecture of this historic city.

Sammy Miller is an important name in the sport and a hero for many motorcycle enthusiasts. Typically, the event takes place in September.


Poker runs are social events by nature and have an excellent vocation for fundraising. The concept is pretty flexible. All kinds of vehicles can participate with the same thrill. Despite the adrenaline of the competition, rules are friendly, and there are prizes even for the worst hands. This sport promotes inclusion, solidarity, and lots of fun!

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